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About Us

We are the Number Pirates, the two men who legally stole mathematics right from under their nose with our superior intellect.

Our Vision

Our vision is that our organization will become the only organization on this planet, and we intend to own every industry with our superior intellect.
As we are non profit, our industries will belong to the people.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to have this planet running like a well oiled machine with no waste and the ability to defend itself from threats, such as the one posed by Halley's Comet.

Brief Description

Using our unique number system and numerical switch system, we intend to build technology which is far superior to the existing calulators, computers, GPS systems and various other technologies, which we wish to reinvent and innovate for efficiency and precision. Therefore our organization (through our new numerical language which is extremely superior to mathematics) will build and distribute computers and various other technology of a new design, replacing companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft to begin with, all other industries will follow.

NOS Time System

Light to Sight Map of Colours

Light to Sight Map of Colours

This knowledge is the intellectual property of The Number Pirates and is reserved for the Screen Tech and Colour Tech in our NOS Operating System. ALL of our colours should be web safe, and our monitors, ink, and scans should match perfectly.

This knowledge is a component of Material Understanding which will replace Chemistry and Alchemy.

Concept Gallery

Learn these concepts in Numerical Understanding

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Jshay Productions

Mutiny Virtual CD Maker

Mutiny VCD Maker

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Mutiny VCD

Numerical Understanding (Ozzy Numes)

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(Numerical Understanding)

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Numerical Understanding (Ozzy Numes)

Ozzy Numes

Ozzy Slang (Ozzy Runes)

Learn Ozzy Slang

(Ozzy Runes)

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Ozzy Slang (Ozzy Runes)

Ozzy Slang

Pirate News


NOS System Updates

We have recently completed our time system for the Numerical Operating System (NOS) and hopefully we will have a downloadable app for these clocks very soon. We have also made amazing progress in understanding the elemental colour transitions with our new Light to Sight Map of Colour. This colour map will form the foundation of our Screen and Colour Tech in NOS. As a bonus, I'm sure that musicians and artists will appreciate this new knowledge as our Light to Sight Map will soon give us the foundation of our new Sound Map for new chord and tone transitions (vibration to sound).

God Bless everyone and Stay Safe
Michael Shayne


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Historical War Campaign
(11/4/2022 - 4/11/2023)


We believe science is no longer backing bogus theories such as AI takeover and is declaring defeat, or at the very least offering a truce. Either way, the truth is the real winner and in the end, we believe that both parties (The Number Pirates and Science) will benefit from co-operation and transparency.


If we can work together without greed and arrogance, then mankind is the real winner and I believe that is a square deal.

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